About Us

It happens millions of times each day – a tourist arrives in a hotel – but each arriving experience is unique.

It´s just a moment in time that involves all your senses. That first impression is the one that stays. We make sure everything we do honors that experience – from our commitment to the highest quality sustainable concept, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

Our international team of experts cooperates in a unique way to help tourism development. To perform better, our developments break records, set trends, and make history.

Our competences complement each other like the skills of an exceptionally gifted decathlete.

Our employees share an extraordinary passion for tourism development. With dedication, commitment and team spirit, we continuously innovate to establish new benchmarks in everything we do.

Our mission is to help shaping the tourism industry in a sustainable way. To achieve this goal, we provide comprehensive advice and services to decision-makers and investors in the industry. To us, tourism is more than a job – it’s our impulse, an attitude that is truly dear to our hearts. It drives us.

Welcome to the SOENT Group


Creativity: Tourism Masterplans

We create national and regional masterplans, with a sustainable vision, and a heritage conservation, which benefits local communities, investors and operators.

A strategy, serving as a guideline for the development and marketing of a tourism destination. It provides an organized and structured framework for an efficient Tourism destination

Innovation: Tourist destination management

We analyze destinations covering all phases of their life-cycle and provide short-term solutions for your long-term financial and operational sustainability, improving financial performance and profitability.

Fruitful cooperation between the public and private sector is crucial for the success of any destination. SOENT identifies contributions required from both sides and accompanies the implementation through professional training and work-shops.

Sustainability: Creation and design of tourist resorts and hotels

We will accompany you from the first idea through the entire life cycle of the resort. We know that each development is unique, but that any design needs to address key parameters:

  • Architectural charm
  • Efficient behind the logistic scenes
  • Long-term sustainability

SOENT believes that these criteria need to be taken into account from the very first step in any development in order to assure long-term success.

Knowledge: Research

Broad and continuous research is the base for any masterplan, destination management, project development and investment decision.

Driven by our passion to improve the tourism experience, we are constantly monitoring tourism intelligence across international markets. Our international market surveillance system allows us to anticipate trends in the tourism market and to interpret and assess any situation accordingly.

SOENT strives to discover new facts, and to develop new processes and products on this basis – thereby improving the performance of the tourism industry.